I've always loved the emphasis made in the gospels of how people brought their family and friends to Jesus. When Andrew realised that Christ was the Messiah, he went to find his brother Simon. When Philip came across Christ, he grabbed Nathaniel. When the friends of the paralysed man heard that Jesus was in town, they broke through a roof just to get their friend to him.

When I think on these things I'm truly struck by the reality of how much our friends need Christ! Yet so often, we can be so reluctant to make the initial introduction. Whether it be through fear, embarrassment, awkwardness, or just genuinely not knowing what we will say, sometimes the introduction to the only person they will ever meet just never comes.

If we have two mates that love football, or friends who share a passion for music or art, we instantly see the value in connecting these friends and getting them together. We are so good at introducing our earthly friends and acquaintances to each other when we think it will be a good match. Yet how often do we introduce the Life giver to our friends, who are ultimately so desperate for life?

Obviously, practically introducing our friends to eachother is alot easier than introducing someone to Christ. But we must remember He truly is a person, and He is the only acquaintance they will ever truly need to meet.

Lord, help us to love our friends well, and see their need for you. Help us to overcome our fears and empower us by your spirit to make the only introduction the people in our lives will ever really need - an introduction to You.

In Jesus name. Amen!

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