Walking Witness is a Christian streetwear brand on a mission to bring Christ centred clothing to the UK.
Our prayer is to be so much more than clothing. We want to equip and encourage our wearers in their personal evangelism.



Walking Witness originally began in 2013 as a global Christian Apparel resource hub. What started as a mission to bring together Christian clothing brands into one easily accessible catalog, quickly grew into a movement that helped to build and unite the Christian apparel global community by connecting brands with each other and uniting them with a wider fanbase. Our brand list and resource hub became a well known and well loved tool for faith-focused apparel fans on the web. 


Over the years we have worked with hundreds of Christian brands to promote their products and connect them with potential new fans. We have produced collaborations, offered exclusive deals and discounts, run giveaways and auctions, and created a space for fans to show love to the brands they are wearing, through our instagram platform @walkingwitness.
In 2018 after much prayer and seeking the Lord for direction, we decided to take a break and put Walking Witness on hold while we tried to work out what we wanted the platform to become. Christian apparel had so long been a part of our lives, and due to the materialistic element of selling clothing, we started to become disheartened and discouraged by what we saw as a lost opportunity to encourage believers to be bold in their witness, not just their wardrobe. We were constantly thinking of ways to introduce the Christian apparel industry to the UK in a big way, while not compromising on the goal and mission to equip fellow brothers and sisters in their walk with Christ. 


Fast forward to 2020 when the first lockdown hit, God reignited a passion in us to bring Him glory through clothing, and so, we got designing. This time we had a new focus and mission in mind: Build the profile of Christian apparel here at home in the UK, whilst creating an inseparable bond between the boldness of being able to wear our faith, with a personal call and responsibility to witness and to share the gospel with those around us.
Our apparel is important, but ultimately, we see the clothing as a means to an end. Our overarching purpose is to encourage believers to be bold in their faith and in their personal witness, for the Glory of God alone. Evangelism is at the heart of all we do, and it is our passionate desire to fan the flames of revival into personal evangelism, and help equip and encourage believers to not just wear the word, but to share it also. 


With all this in mind, we have partnered with Pocket Testament League to produce ESV pocket gospels of John. A handful of these will go out free with every order and it is our prayer that customers use them as an opportunity for God glorifying conversations and as a tool for outreach.


We know that what we are doing here is about way more than clothing. We truly have a God-given opportunity to steward our profits well and put them to use for the spread of the gospel, to help those most in need and for the advancement of the Kingdom. That is why a percentage of our yearly takings will be donated to OpenDoors. This is a ministry that has a special place in our hearts, and you can read more about them on our Where do we give? page.

We're not here to help you be materialistic. We want to equip you as you walk boldy for Christ. Don't shop like the world. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Be a good steward. Think Jesus. Pray! Wx